We’re happy to announce a new shopping feature to our website, Lock-It Express. Here you’ll find neat and useful services, merchandise, and innovative guitar accessories. For example, we’ve added a service to transform regular guitar straps into Lock-It® Straps. Another service is to “reverse” existing Lock-It® straps.

We’ll be offering branded merchandise like T-shirts, guitar picks and more. This is an entirely new section, and as time goes on, we’ll be adding new merchandise, so check back often!


LimitedLifeTimeWarrantyWe’re so confident about Lock-It® Straps, they now carry a limited LIFETIME WARRANTY. Effective for all Lock-It® Straps purchased after December 1st , 2016.



Our Locking Technology

1 guitar strap
Pull the thumb button back.
2 guitar strap
Attach over guitar’s end-pin.
3 guitar strap
Let go – SNAP! It’s locked.

Finally, a smart new way to protect your guitar without modification, keeping it original and unchanged

Our patented, snap-action locks feature space age, polymer-alloy components for maximum toughness, long life & durability. A specially designed spring powers automatic locking and assures lock recovery. It’s been designed to bend and take abuse and remain working for many years.

Before modifying your guitar with other strap-locks, consider the following

  • You risk altering your original guitar permanently
  • You risk losing your original hardware
  • You need to modify a strap to accommodate the other parts
  • Your guitar may lose value at resale
  • Metal strap-locks rattle

Prove it to yourself

Our locks do not suffer the drawbacks like metal strap locks. They’re quiet, stealthy and virtually undetectable and can fit more easily in your guitar’s case while still attached to your guitar.

Our locks are virtually indestructible. They can be bent, twisted, folded in half, pushed and pulled in ridiculous directions and always return to working condition. NO other strap-lock can make this claim. It’s part of Lock-It®‘s patented technology. Our straps should meet or exceed all of your guitar-locking expectations!


• Hassle-free, all-in-one design
• Fits virtually all guitars
• Easy on/off
• Leather ends are slim, stealthy and flexible
• Easy on guitar’s finish
• Won’t rattle like metal strap locks — isn’t bulky
• No small parts to lose
• Locking is always smooth & dependable
• Proven, patented technology
• Automatically locks

We sell our products through a qualified network of dealers only. We do not sell our guitar straps directly from this website.