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Paul Reed Smith

This is a great invention and it works.

Jennifer Batten

It’s finally been invented! A sleek, stealthy strap-locking system that’s built into the strap itself. Brilliant!

Premier Guitar, August 2009

We have to admit that some things are not what they at first appear to be. This time, it’s a good thing. We were initially hesitant about the Lock-It Guitar Straps. To be honest, they don’t look like they’ll do the trick: the locking mechanism is thin and flexible, not at all like the bulky, solid components we were getting used to. But after looking into the science of their construction and effective but simple design — and testing them out — we did an about face

The all-in-one package requires no modifications to a guitar and features spring-loaded locks using Slide-Lock Technology. The sliding locks residing within the leather strap ends are slim and highly flexible, but they won’t let go. They may look like they will, but they won’t (we tried). They also come with reversed front ends for guitars with pins at the neck/heel joint. They were a snap to put on and remove from all the guitars we tried them on, and they had no problems adjusting to the varying pin sizes. These come in a wide variety of patterns and materials, including polypropylene, leather and hemp. After nearly turning our noses up at these straps, we find ourselves singing a different tune about the easy locking solution they offer.

Guitarist Reviews

Sulfer – GuitarsCanada (Canadian Guitar Forum)

I just got my shipment in from NoiseSupply!

Side note, those Lock-it straps do fit onto and hold well on a Schaller equipped guitar! These straps are made from doubled super soft leather too, it’s like they’re already broken in. Well thought out as the holes to string the strap end through are widened, so it’s not a struggle. I’d recommend these straps; they should work on most anything.

WoolyMonster Learn and Master (Student Support Forum)

Try Lock-it Straps. These work great and are very safe. They have a built in locking system similar to the Planet Waves. I got the leather one for my ES-335. I rethreaded the end so that the locks are 180 out of phase so the twist is eliminated with the semi-hollow bodies. Super easy to put on and off and your guitar stays stock. I now use these exclusively. No more gaudy strap locks. Made in USA.


The game has been changed! Check out revolutionary Lock-It guitar straps! These high quality straps lock securely onto any conventional strap button. They provide the peace of mind that was previously only available by installing strap locks. Protect your guitar investment and enjoy the added convenience of these great straps!

Blues biker – Amazon.com

I purchased the black leather strap and am very happy with it. The locks work as good or as better than any I have seen before and you don’t have to modify your guitar to use them. You just pull back the spring-loaded button on the end of the strap and put it on your existing strap button. No changing out buttons, No modifying straps. You can change from one guitar to another by simply unstrapping one guitar and putting the strap on a new guitar. I trust this with my 24 year old LP, my baby…can’t say more than that.

PeteDubaldo – Senior Member – Ernie Ball Forum

Yep, one of our reps was in with those yesterday, very cool idea and extremely durable. I did the “Yngwie” with one of my JPs and it was rock solid. No modifications needed, no worries about plastic scratching the guitar, and Made in USA.

Orangemann90 – Ernie Ball Forum

I’m a bit surprised that no one has mentioned this. Instead of modifying your guitar by changing your strap buttons, I highly recommend trying a Lock-It guitar strap. The locking mechanisms are in the leather end pieces and are very thin but very secure. Prices range from $20 for nylon with leather ends to $70 for all leather. You can find them at Sweetwater and on eBay.

Best Guitar Strap Review by Robert Randall

I’ll begin reviewing this unique product, one of the top appearances belonging to the well-liked brand, Lock It Straps. This product could become a major success in Instrument Parts and Accessories category as a result of its features as well as capabilities.

Edward Sparks

When I am playing my 2004 custom J160E with a solid top, “X” bracing and a P100 stacked humbucker! I trust it hanging on nothing short of a leather Lock-it strap!!!

Michael from Dexter, Mo.

I thought I would try the new Lock-It strap instead of installing strap lock hardware. I am very pleased. It holds your guitar very secure. I went with the leather model. It is wide and comfortable. My Gibson Thunderbird bass needs the front end of the strap to be reversed, which is easily done with the leather strap. Simply take the front loop and reverse it. I would highly recommend this strap.

Gary from Bellevue, OH

This is my 2nd Lock-It strap. I’d really be hard pressed to buy any other style of strap after using these. The 2.5″ leather strap is like glove leather. It’s new and feels like an old broken in favorite. Not cheap, but if I were to only buy one strap over, this leather strap would be it. The locking ends had to be designed by a player. I looked on the Lock-It site and I see they make a “reversed” lock for the strap pin on the back of the heel. These people are dialed in……and made in the good ole USA. I won’t lend this strap to anyone.

Mike, Northern Ohio – Music Background: Jam Tramp

I purchased the 3″ strap due to old shoulders and it distributes the weight very nicely. I do tend to make sure I wear a collared shirt though ’cause it’s wide enough to cut into my neck with a tee. I love the lock ends themselves… simple ingenuity at its finest.Easy to work and not bulky. Gonna order the padded leather model in 2.5″. The only thing I wish they would do is put their logo in a more reserved place. I like it well enough to advertise by word of mouth. I don’t need to wear it out front.

Chad Mimms

Thanks a million, I’m truly astounded by how great your company is; which is a credit to the people working there as much as the products. You’ve earned a customer for life.

Woollymonster of Strat-Talk.Com

I like Lock-It straps. No strap locks to fool with. Comfortable and safe. Guitar stays stock. Works great on my ES-335 as well with the end reversed.

Pete Dee / Kremated

We’ve been using these for about a year now, absolutely brilliant straps, and they fit over the endpins of everything I own, and even hold safely on Schaller Straplock endpins without risk of dropping. Brilliant product! CHEERS,

Sikor – The Gear Page

Lock-it Straps: +100, very nice product: aok

I have basic model for my Suhr S3 and it’s working fine, no problems.

Artisan4 – Les Paul Forum

Haven’t used strap locks in 20 years. Always use Lock It Guitar Straps.

Sage – PRS Forum

I highly recommend Lock-It Straps. They’re very well made and as sturdy as any metal strap lock I’ve used (Schaller or Dunlop). In some cases, moreso. And they don’t require that you alter the guitar. Especially nice for acoustics with endpin jacks. I have these on each of my PRSi and I have never had any problems. Granted, I’m not swinging the guitar around by the strap, but I wouldn’t trust a metal straplock to do that, either.

TZD – Senior Member – Les Paul Forum

My feel is that if you still have to change the end pins, you might as well change to real strap locks. For me, I didn’t want to change my stock end pins, so I got a Lock-It strap which works great. (I also got a Planet Lock strap but it’s not as good as the Lock-It).

Brian Widrig of UNDERPAID

If, like me, you play gigs with a single wireless transmitter and multiple guitars, the lock-it guitar strap is a great solution for quick guitar changes. No longer do I need to remove my wireless transmitter from one guitar strap and hook it up to another for each guitar change, which is tedious. Instead, the wireless stays attached to my Lock-It guitar strap, and I just swap that strap between guitars, which is much faster. It fits my Les Paul, Strat, and Taylor acoustic. This strap is brilliant. I’ve been using the cotton strap and just ordered the leather.

Rick Lynch

Holy cow, the thick lock-it strap I bought locally in Chicago today fit my Taylor 814 ce, nothing fits my Taylor 814ce, I am very satisfied with the lock-strap, and hope my local dealer carries more of their product, because I will purchase for all my guitars. I can now play my Taylor standing, with more confidence. Well done!

Jontreasure of Reddit/Guitar

These look flimsy but are as solid as a rock, I own one so I can vouch for it. Buy one immediately.

Edward Sparks – Acoustic Guitar Forum/Martin Owners

I use a strap with a built in lock that I think is the very best, called Lock-It Straps.


This Item Is Awesome! I Am More Than Very Pleased! “THANK’S ALOT!”

Alan6122 – Gretsch Guitar Discussion Forum

I don’t know why this strap is such a secret… I researched this strap on the Internet: lockitstraps.com. So simple – a guillotine-type spring loaded lock over a standard buttonhole, no mods to the guitar necessary, and very secure. Why in heck these aren’t standard equipment with every guitar is beyond me.

Andy Fuchs (www.fuchsaudiotechnology.com)

I love these straps. I bought enough to match both the color and length of all my favorite gig guitars and you can quote me!!

Koula901 – Hertitageownersclub.com

I’m using the Lock-It Straps (thank you, Patrick) for 2 guitars and they work great!

Mikenov – Hertitageownersclub.com

And what I like with these is they work on ANYTHING and lock good. I probably won’t bother with strap locks anymore.

John McCoy/Surrounded By Monsters

The strap came today and I tried it out, it’s Awesome! I may get a couple of my straps customized by you in the near future. Thanks again.

Danny Gochnour (www.dannygochnour.com, www.joegrushecky.com)

After settling on one of the two major strap lock systems I was never happy with way the strap fastened to the end of the pin leaving a gap between the pin and guitar- especially w guitars like my 335 that has the pin mounted at the heel- my guitars never hung quite right.  Sounds trivial I know. FINALLY, an innovative safe and effective way to securely hold the guitar and without modifications or replacing the guitars original hardware. I’m confident my guitars are secure and I love the ease of use and how snug my straps are. Great job, Chris! I’m recommending these to all of my guitar playing friends.

Mark Wilson (Keyboardist for the SoCal Rock Group Switch-Blade}

When I bought my Roland AX-Synth I found that it does not let you change the strap buttons.  Why Roland decided to do this was beyond me. This then posed a problem. That was until I found your Lock-It Strap site! No weird hardware, no changing of the buttons, no twisting. Just pull and snap!  Done.

Best thing is that I can also use it on my Guitar.

All I can say is Awesome! The strap lock system that you have is beautiful!  It is easy to use and I have the confidence that it is locked and not coming off! Great quality work, Solid feel and the most comfortable strap that I have used.
Plus,  I love my Dye job color! Shipping was quick and you have a great selection.
Totally a win on all fronts! So here is a picture of probably your first Keyboard with a Lock-it Strap!
Sweet!   Great Job and Thanks!


Chris, thanks a million for hustling the strap out. I got it in just two days. I love it!


Second vote for the Lock-it straps. I use one specifically for my Les Paul, no need to change hardware, with a simple and innovative way to secure your guitar. Happy to use El Dorado and Moody straps for my Strats, both beautifully made, but for reasons of design (and no desire to add strap locks), feel more secure with a Lock-it on my Lester.

Thanks from Canada – Pete

Hi! I just received my “Lock-It” leather guitar strap. I am very impressed with solid packaging … arrived in mint condition, professionally wrapped and presented. Great quality leather guitar strap and your “lock-it” technology makes your product unique and an alternative to other products.

Best regards, Peter Druck

Hi! I got my lock-it strap yesterday, they survived the trip… and I am truly amazed how great they are!

They are so easy to put on and off on my guitar, and the best thing is that you don’t have to change the original strap pins on the guitar to use it.

I used to have Schaller’s strap locks before, but the Lock-It strap is way better, I must say!

Looking forward to ordering more straps from you in the future.

TOXPERT – Les Paul Forum

Alternate approach before you change out hardware – try a Lock-It strap.

Welcome to Lock-It Straps

Best strap and locking mechanism I’ve encountered in more than 40+ years playing guitar.

He also makes straps with a ‘reverse’ end that is perfect for guitars with rear-mounted strap buttons (ES series, SGs,…)

I’ve used all kinds of strap locking devices over the years. I personally find the hardware versions of Dunlop/Schaller strap-locks a bit noisy (during quiet passages, rattles transmit through the guitar into the amplified sound)… and you have to really tighten the strap portion on… or it comes off easily. For rear-mounted strap buttons, these strap lock assemblies (with strap attached) jut out quite a bit from the guitar and are uncomfortable when guitar lays against you.

The Lock-It strap fits the existing Fender and Gibson style strap buttons and is very, very secure…as well as comfortable.

Once you try this strap, you won’t go back.

SAGE Birds and Moons Forum

I cannot recommend these enough:


It’s a flexible locking strap. I have been using them on all my guitars and I absolutely love them. They’re especially great if you have an acoustic that you want to put a straplock on but can’t due to the endpin being the jack for the pickup.

55Special – Les Paul Forum

BIG thumbs up for the Lockit straps! No mods necessary and you can use them on all of your guitars.

Jarius – Les Paul Forum (Desire – Dedication – Determination)

I have one of these straps. I always remove it from the guitar before the guitar goes in the case. I’m not sure you would be able to get the strap in the case because of the way the locking mechanism works. I’ll try to remember to check tonight.

However, if you are wanting to keep the stock strap buttons on your R9, I like this strap better than Schallers, Dunlop, or Grolsch.

SAGE Birds and Moons Forum

I own four of them. I love them, and highly recommend them. Gave them a positive review on an old now-defunct version of my website, so it’s not available to read any more, but the gist of it is:

1. It’s a great locking strap with a flexible mechanism that looks almost exactly like a regular strap, so it’s both cosmetically and ergonomically identical to a normal strap.
2. Requires no modification to your guitars, which is ideal for expensive or vintage instruments and a necessity for electric-acoustics with the jack built into the strap button.

Long story short: I’d trust the lock-it straps as much as I would any other traditional straplock I’ve tried (Dunlop, Schaller). I wouldn’t sling my PRSi around by the strap, but I wouldn’t do that even with a metal straplock, either. A metal straplock is probably a little more secure, but not by enough that I think it’s a better solution. Your mileage may vary, but if you want a strap that provides some extra security and peace of mind while maintaining the ergonomics of a regular strap and/or leaving the instrument’s original hardware intact, I have yet to find a better product.

Allen Roller – Macon, GA

I received the Lock-It strap on Tuesday. Just wanted to let you know it is a fantastic piece of work. So much better than any other strap lock system I’ve ever used in my 35 years of guitar playing. So simple, yet so effective. No more metal strap locks for me. Thanks again for the great product.

The Gypsy Caravan (Symphonic Rock from Austin, TX)

This is by far the best locking strap design I’ve ever seen. It’s sturdy, effective, and attractive. I will be buying several more of these straps and replacing all my current strap locks with them. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for an alternative to metal strap locks.

David Dare Parker Photographer – Australia

Honestly, I have a nice collection of straps, but the strap-lock is the only strap I would trust on my Les Paul. Doesn’t hurt that it looks cool as well.

Thanks heaps, Chris

Mike Bargav

Hi, I just got the hemp strap I ordered for my Rickenbacker 360, and I love it. I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time; thank you. Any plans of making thinner vintage style straps with the same locking mechanism?

Eric Marks

Chris, got the strap today and it’s perfect! I’ll hopefully order the reverse hemp strap for my acoustic soon.

Brian Martin, Huntsville, AL

My strap arrived this afternoon in perfect time for our bands first gig. Just wanted to let you guys know that I received it and that I absolutely love it!!! I will come back for more and send my band as well. Fingers crossed on you guys getting some gear in stores in Huntsville AL. Thanks again for your help.


Hi Chris, I just got it, put it on the Martin and it’s great. I love it. Thank you for all of your help. You’re been great and your customer service is excellent. I’ll tell all my friends about your straps.

Eric Velasco

Hello, I own a lock it strap and I love it. I was wondering if you guys made a strap that had the front/top portion of the strap placed in reverse, or backwards, to accommodate guitars that have the strap pin on the back of the guitar, ie a Gibson SG or ES-335. I can use the lock it that I have now on my SG, except that the screw that holds the lock in place comes in contact with the guitar. The only way to remedy this is to turn the front part of the strap around, so that the back part of the strap comes in contact with the guitar (does that make any sense?), but for me that is uncomfortable.
I’d love to be able to order one that way if it was possible. I’d much rather use your straps and keep the guitar original than to put in strap locks. Thanks!

Brian Diller, Nashville

I just received the strap I ordered from you and love it! It works like a charm! I am so glad you are having success. I love the strap and feel it is a great addition to the guitar accessory field Thanks for the great strap. No more strap locks!

Joseph Sapiano, http://www.tribalimusic.com

As soon as i saw it, i was struck by the ingenious idea.  When i tried it, it felt as good as any strap out there, but with the added plus of a great innovation – no more clanging metal or mods, just great functionality and looks.

Steve Weisberg

(lead guitar, dobro, pedal steel, and contributing songwriter for John Denver from 1973-77. Other collaborations include Michael Martin Murphey, Willis Alan Ramsey, Gary Morris, Billie Joe Shaver, Ray Wiley Hubbard, Delbert McClinton, Willie Nelson)

The Lockit™ strap is truly ingenious.  I play mainly guitar, but occasionally toss in a lick on steel.  The Lockit strap allows me to toss the guitar behind me, play the steel lick, and be back on guitar without missing more than a measure.  Not to mention the security knowing the guitar will never slip off the strap.  The Lockit™ rocks.

Ed Hahm – Les Paul Forum

It is the greatest thing since sliced bread as I have never seen anything like it.  Now, I can just concentrate on PLAYING and nothing else.

I think the straps are an ingenious alternative to other strap locking systems, especially since you don’t have to modify the guitar to use them.  I plan to use the straps with many of my vintage instruments, and will finally have peace of mind when playing them.  I will definitely recommend Lock-It™ Straps to others.

Mike Slubowski

I bought one of these Lock-It™ Straps based on reading the Rev’s thread, and concur that they are very cool! They provide peace of mind when playing my vintage Les Pauls, without any modification to the guitar. And Doug called me to thank me for the order and to find out how I like the strap, etc.! Highly recommended!

Perry Jones

I can finally take my vintage guitars out to gigs and feel safe.

Hash Brown

This strap allows me to use my vintage stuff at my jams and I know they are protected.

The Rev. Willie VK – Les Paul Forum

I was so impressed I bought some for my friends…
Before I bought one, I put it to my own test. They had a display board set up with a bunch of different sized strap buttons and a couple of straps. I put a strap on a small button, put my hand against the board, and pulled the strap at a 90 degree angle from the button. I had a good 30lbs of pull going before they stopped me, afraid that I would break their display board. The inventor explained to me that it was kind of like the old ‘Chinese finger trap’ – the harder you pull, the harder it holds.

Dr Vintage – Les Paul Forum

Even though I’ve been using the Dunlop strap locks since their introduction, my vintage guitars don’t have them, and neither do the guitars of most of my customers. That strap is now the only one that hangs over my amp pile in the front room. It’s very handy for any guitar I choose to strap on. Great stuff and a good idea.

John Heuring, The Barry Hasson Band

The strap arrived Friday and I love it!  I put my old leather strap away, removed my Dunlop strap lock buttons and put them away, too.  I thought the 2” strap might be a problem for my shoulder but it is very comfortable (the conversion weighs 7 ½ pounds anyway).  The length is perfect and I have plenty of strap to spare.  I may be a head case but the guitar feels much better, more organic to me, with the original strap buttons back where they belong.  Great strap…great product.

Avatar – Agile Guitar Forum

Lock-It Straps are my personal favorite. They look good, work great, and you don’t have to alter the guitar.

Trap – The Gear Page

I use the Lock-it strap. It works with the original strap buttons and does a great job and looks great too!

Brucesinger – The Gear Page

I use one of these for my acoustic: http://www.lockitstraps.com Very dependable.


This Strap Is My Second One. It Is As Awsome As The First!